Game Maker Users Helper becomes a magazine

on June 27, 2008 - 3825 Views

After the previous project, I would have thought this would have come to an end. Apparently not. They are now located at their easy to remember website, Somewhere along the road, they also fixed the “offcial” typo!

You can read issue 1 (which is basically an “what is GMUH” flyer with most likely a few false claims) and issue 2 here. Now’s the time to sponsor them:

If you would like to be any part or like to be a sponsor of GMUH, please E-Mail Aegis53 at Aegis53 [at] hotmail [dot] com. The fee for sponsoring us will be $2.00 USD a year, and you will recieve a link on all of our websites and projects.

GMC thread. More to come?

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18 Responses to Game Maker Users Helper becomes a magazine

  1. tuntis says:


    Listen up. You’re not going to make money off some awful magazine that doesn’t have a decent design or any worthwhile content. I suggest you stop lying and put some effort into your productions.

  2. tuntis says:

    Please, that’s still a lot more than the people that will read your awful masterpiece. 🙂

  3. Aegis53 says:

    ahh yes. But I am making money off of GMUH.

  4. tuntis says:

    You’re right, it might get more popular, but not in a good way…

    And calling somebody an “idiot” won’t exactly help your already bad position.

  5. Aegis53 says:

    hmm, how many people read this. maybe tops, 100.

  6. Aegis53 says:

    oh and btw, I don’t care if you post here. It just means GMUH gets more popular! Haha!

  7. Aegis53 says:

    we do have 48 members. Look at the post ya idiot!

  8. Phil Gamble says:

    I can’t help feeling this information would be better suited to the format of an internal e-mail.

  9. Phil Gamble says:

    There is a second issue…. must go and check.

  10. Robin Monks says:

    Here is our boring meeting notes turned into a magazine with a list of how wonderful we all are at the top magazine, please come back soon now, ya hear?

  11. Danny says:

    This was announced 2 days ago. Theres already 2 issues. Someone is not taking his time; now is he? Please learn to code I mean check out this page.
    He make you copy and paste the link. I mean you could even look that short short code up.

  12. Rusky says:

    epic flulzail D:

  13. tuntis says:

    More like “epic fail”…

  14. F1ak3r says:

    This is epic lulz.

  15. Leif902 says:

    You know, he should probably learn HTML before he designs an “offcial” website.

    “Note: If you want to see our sponsors, Ctrl-Copy this into your website browser:

  16. Timoi says:

    So they have 48 members do they? I highly doubt it.

  17. Robin Monks says:


    Read the related links to the right:

    Markup Magazine- Issue 1
    Views: 6498 From: self

    original (unfinished) markup magazine
    Views: 148 From: self

    Markup Issue 2
    Views: 1714 From: self

    Markup Issue 3
    Views: 874 From: self “

  18. Robin Monks says:

    Another mag, just want the GMC always wanted 🙂

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