GMWeekly returns as “Kwiklook Magazine”

on March 31, 2009 - 4969 Views

KwiklookDarren Poole’s abruptly halted GMWeekly magazine is dead, but the man is back with another magazine project, KwikLook. The issue #1 of the new magazine features 8 pages of content. This will be a monthly “publication”.

GMWeekly’s Game Maker… Dudes! comic returns. But seriously – 8 pages for a monthly magazine? Not off to a good start. Your opinions?

PS. Thanks for the non-transparent PNG logo!

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7 Responses to GMWeekly returns as “Kwiklook Magazine”

  1. […] year alone has seen the launch and subsequent demise of KwickLook, Simulator GM, Game Maker Development Insight and GMFreak.  Indeed the only magazine launched […]

  2. […] second issue of Darren Poole’s KwikLook magazine is also due to be released before the month is out. Leave a comment | […]

  3. @Philip Gamble,

    I didn’t say that, I only said that GM (Game maker) must be boring as there are no new here, I didn’t say that you made the news.

  4. @Jonathan Martin
    We don’t make the news, we report it. If nothing happens, nothing gets written.

  5. WOW!
    GM Must be pretty boring at the moment, No blog posts for 11 days! Nearly 12!

  6. Specter says:

    It must have been a VERY slow month in the Tutorials forum.

  7. Sam says:

    Still though, it’s not bad like most first magazines (the experience with GMWeekly probably helped). The grammar isn’t absolutely atrocious and the layout is decent. I’d give it a B- and I’d up that if it actually had enough content. Also I’m not a fan of the comic, only XKCD can pull of stick figures, after that it just looks bad. I hope they keep up the good work though and improve it in the future, they’ve set a much higher bar than most users “magazines”.

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