Help YoYo test GameMaker 8’s Sprite Editor

on April 13, 2009 - 10863 Views

Mark Overmars has released a “preliminary version” of the sprite and image editors which will be included in Game Maker 8 for bug testing and to get feedback from the community.


The editor (< 1MB .zip) contains anti-aliasing and transparency options that are not available in Game Maker 7.

Mark also added that it will “definitely take a couple of months before a beta version will become available” of Game Maker 8.


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20 Responses to Help YoYo test GameMaker 8’s Sprite Editor

  1. G-MAN says:

    im looking for walls floors and drum cans if you know what i mean any idears email me please

  2. Diablo 666 says:

    Hey if eny won is loking fo game maker8 pro for FREE … removed. Enter our competition!

  3. Sam Whited says:

    Flash, GM, and C++ have nothing to do with one another and really can’t be reasonably compared at all. (Also, you can rotate a sprite in GM quite easily)

  4. Love GM7 says:

    “Sweet! Does this mean that all sprites in GM will be able to have an alpha channel? If so, fantastic! Finally Flash will have nothing over GM :D”

    OK so I’m a bigger fan of GM than of Flash, but you have to admit that being able to put the game so easily onto the web is a big thing. Also, being able to rotate a sprite instead of needing a bunch of different sprites is very helpful. And you can’t forget that with flash you can also make animations to go into your game right then and there. GM is just great for its D&D properties.

    Again, a GM fan.

  5. Cool G says:

    nice! i like the style.

  6. Dan says:

    Learn C++.

  7. jora says:

    COOL i can’t wait for game maker 8 !!

  8. […] implements some of the suggestions and fixes bugs that were submitted following the release of an earlier version about a month […]

  9. Sachin says:

    Nice but if better compablities can be given than i would be great.

  10. John says:

    the new image editor is great!! flood fill can get annoying though

  11. tuntis says:

    “Finally Flash will have nothing over GM”

    Because GM8 will obviously bring support to embed games into webpages seamlessly.

  12. Jonathan says:

    Oh, and making the editor able to handle icon files would be VERY handy. Thanks again.

  13. Jonathan says:

    Sweet! Does this mean that all sprites in GM will be able to have an alpha channel? If so, fantastic! Finally Flash will have nothing over GM 😀

    Anyway, from using the last editor a lot, I recommend keeping the arrow buttons to scroll between frames in an animation, and have it tell you somewhere what frame you’re on, that way when you’re looking for a detail to pop up, once you find it you can know which frame you were looking at.

    I am way excited!

  14. desertdweller says:

    The email address for bugs in the readme file bounced back for me…

  15. Hicaro says:

    Mark overmark, it should change him the style, leave as the old one, he/she has that it turns of this generation, although he has some how many new functions.

  16. Don Arthuro says:

    Haha thats funny! I was reading some posts on this blog and I suddenly see my sprites pop up on this page! Some of the units from Imperial Domination II 😉

    By the way, that new editor looks great!

  17. Kaasje says:

    That looks pretty good.
    We can choose fonts for texts! That’s cool 😀

  18. Joerdgs says:

    The drop shadow and other effects in the new image editor could come in handy 🙂

  19. alex_pof says:

    I don’t think that the eraser icon should be a paint brush. I know that it is techically painting the same background color but still.

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