KwikLook magazine, issue 2

on May 8, 2009 - 2613 Views

KwikLook Game Maker Magazine by Darren Poole

The KwikLook magazine by Darren Poole (previously known for GMWeekly) has released its April issue (number 2), featuring 13 pages of content. (Direct download link)

Kwiklook’s writing team now also includes GMB blogger Matt Scorah (scoz), as a reviewer.

Hello and welcome to the second issue of KwikLook. This month, we’ve made some big changes due to thefantastic feedback we had from you. I must say a big “thank you” for making it a pleasure for me to write this publication.

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  1. […] Poole’s Kwiklook magazine has been discontinued after 2 issues. He hints that he might turn the magazine into a blog: […]

  2. CompanionCube says:

    Thats not really a direct download link.
    Anyway it is a nice theme.

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