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The official Game Maker wiki on has today received a face-lift as a new theme designed by GMKing has been installed.  The new look, as yet un-announced by YYG, is a much-needed improvement on the previous template which suffered from a narrow page design and small text.

My only criticism is the placement of the search box, which although in a similar location to the one on the main YoYo Games website, feels out of place in the header of the page.

Bugs should be reported to Eyas: eyas-email

What do you think?

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  1. While the fixed-width might look “liter” visually, it was the most popular complaint for the wiki since it makes the articles occupy a much longer height and appear much more cluttered.

  2. what I mean si that it looks nice, but it almost feels heavyier, I liked it when it “floated” in the middle of the page, or maybe the darker colors add more weight. I dunno.
    Anyways, it still looks good guys.

  3. Caniac :looks cool, but it almost seems to heavy or bulky :/

    I completely disagree. I think its really spacious. But maybe that is why the search box doesn’t fit in – because its just dropped in a huge area of space.

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