First person caught using Game Maker Decompiler?

A foolish GMC user has been caught decompiling a Sound Recorder application hosted on YoYo Games.  ev149 posted in the Community section of the official Game Maker forum with a problem he had experienced with Game Maker “when I try to open a sprite, object, or script, no buttons show up” providing a screenshot to demonstrate the issue.

As well as winning the award for having the most Game Maker extensions installed he also wins the prize for the worst Paint.NET or Photoshop blurring attempt leaving all items on the start bar identifiably but neglecting to blur the decompiled game.

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kake_fisk, creator of the application which was decompiled, replied 5 posts later with “Have you decompiled my SoundRecorder application??? I have the exact same sprites and resources as your screenie even the exact same name.”  Instead of admitting his guilt ev149 responded with the following:

“No. However, I saw your app and wanted to create something similar, so I took a screenshot of your app and used your sprites as placeholders. I didn’t know what to name it, so I borrowed your name for the file until I could think of a new one. I don’t even know where to find the decompiler, and in no way support it, since I would not want anyone doing something like that to one of my games. I’m very sorry if this coincidence alarmed you.”

The fail moment came when kake_fisk saw that some of the sprites he created that were shown in the posted screenshot were not actually used in his application.  “I don’t think I ever show the 4 upper sprites ingame“, these sprites were included in the program but were not shown during all operation possibilities and were present in ev149‘s project.

What do you think?

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, here we have the world’s biggest n00b.

    Not only did he fail at blurring text, but he didn’t test it with an editable game of his own in the first place.

    I have my own version of a decompiler, but I’m smart enough to NOT use it on other people’s pgames. All I use it for is to retrieve those old games that I made 3-4 years ago that I’ve lost the source for.

    @ Philip Gamble:
    Try saying that 3-4 years from now after you’ve forgotten about a couple of your old game maker projects, only to find the compiled versions of your old games, and not the editables.

  2. Even if somebody uses it for educational purposes, it kind of sucks to do all this hard work over months and years, then have all your ideas ripped and emulated instantly by others.

    Don’t get me wrong, there is something to be said for open source development, but if a program is open source should be the consent of the developer and thus the developer can provide the files. There is little genuine need for a compiler.

    And to get your lost source code, sounds to me like the “make back ups of my music and games” argument that dealt a huge blow to the Music and game industry when they relied heavily on selling CDs. Can indie devs really sustain the brunt of something like that? If everyone starts this ripping each others code, then nobody will be able to profit at all from selling indie games and that puts a ceiling over every indie devs head.

  3. “@WAZUP!!!!! How do you loose the source code for a game? A bit careless — doesn’t take much to make a backup.” – Well, honestly, I have lost a source file because my computer crashed and I really needed the decompiler. Up to this moment I still haven’t downloaded it (couldn’t find a link) but I don’t need it anymore – I have created a better engine.

    Ontopic: Well, this boy is not a total rookie at Game Maker, but doing this is crime. An owner has his rights and just has to “remind” those thieves what have they done. I think there is a report function in YoYoGames. Anyway, let’s just hope those new versions of anti-decompiler work (ironically, I found out about GMDecompiler by seeing a topic about the anti-decompiler)

  4. The decompiler should only be used for educational purposes. Anybody who rips other peoples’ games off is a downright loser.
    But still, they’re good for a laugh.

    BTW: He’s got Photoshop and Dreamweaver (probably downloaded) open, ‘twister.jpg’?, AOL 9.1, for some reason; another ‘twister’ thing, ‘F:/Ants/Ants’? and GM.

  5. Actually, GearGOD didn’t create it. Nor does he need to use it, IMHO.

    This case is a pretty common one of “I’m doing something bad, but I don’t want anyone else to”. Kind of like how some of the biggest advocates against doping in sports are abusers of the rule themselves.

    Edit: this edit feature is really nifty 😀

  6. “I only ever decompiled a game once, and only once, and that was when I was an uber-noob still learning. But that was the only reason i decompiled it, was so that I could learn how the guy who made a game that was similar to what I wanted to make made the game. I would never dream of doing what this stupid bastard did.” How do you know that’s not what this guy did?
    “What a friggin idiot 10 year old honestly xD, you don’t just delete your sprite names and blur the taskbar when asking a question..” He didn’t delete his sprite names, if you read the topic you would see that it said no text showed up.
    And he isn’t the first person caught using it. Obviously, GearGOD, the creator of it, has used it. Look, we all make mistakes and kake_fisk even forgave him in the topic. I would think he feels bad enough, so we shouldn’t make it worse.

    EDIT: Oh, and you don’t need libs to make sure it works, you only need extensions. I doubt he uses all of them anyway.

  7. This is pathetic and stupid.

    The only reason I would ever use the decompiler is if I did something stupid on accident and had to decompile my own executable. But that is the ONLY reason.

  8. I only ever decompiled a game once, and only once, and that was when I was an uber-noob still learning. But that was the only reason i decompiled it, was so that I could learn how the guy who made a game that was similar to what I wanted to make made the game. I would never dream of doing what this stupid bastard did.

  9. I always hate how they remove these topics. 🙁 We should be allowed to laugh at the poor user for the next 48 hours. 😛

    Nah, j/k It’s unfortunate that somebody would still lie after being caught red-handed.

    If you use illegal versions of someone’s software, and decompile other people’s games, you lose the benefit of free online help. Why would you even do that? What was he thinking?

  10. yeah, I like the new feature 😀

    anyways, he has a lot of extenions so that WHEN he decompiles the games, it won’t thrown errors saying, unknown action, or function, etc.

  11. Lol

    the reason he has a lot of extensions is, so that if when he decompiles the game, it will not show up as “unknown action” because the extension is not installed.

  12. oh, and the name does say “soundrecorder.gmk”
    Epic Falure dude, can’t believe you did that
    and then tried to hide.
    you should get sued by yoyogames AND by Kake_Fish

  13. Lol
    lets see
    he did a poor job blurring
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Dreamweaver
    some *.jpg image. (it looks like “twiw_**er”? (* means I can’t figure it out)

    F:An***Ants (?)

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