Independent Developer Magazine Launches

on February 7, 2010 - 2259 Views

Rarely are Game Maker magazines given names of the quality that Evan McClane chose to christen his twice a year publication with.

The launch issue of what appears to be the Game Maker magazine with the least regular release schedule contains brief game reviews and short articles on Game Maker news topics.  Also present are featured resources such as graphics and game engines and a coding tip.

There isn’t a great deal of textual content but the non-complicated design doesn’t feel like it is lacking anything.  There is however a wordsearch.

The pages appear to be made up of images rather than containing actual text which is a minor irritant and I suspect might cause scrolling lag problems for people reading the file on older machines.

A good start but I’m not really a fan of the 6 month wait to read more and I would hope for more content with half a year of writing time.

Download 7.5MB PDF (left click only)

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2 Responses to Independent Developer Magazine Launches

  1. […] McClane has relaunched his Independent Developer Magazine as “This is Indie”. Writing in the June 2010 issue he says “Independent Developer […]

  2. Loaf says:

    “the non-complicated design doesn’t feel like it is lacking anything”

    I disagree there. I am torn between liking its open feel, and feeling it lacks design altogether.

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