GMC Reviews Forum to Launch

A new game maker game reviews forum will soon be opening at the official Game Maker Community.  Created in response to a recent request for more high quality reviews the currently empty section will showcase “selected reviews of GM games that the reviewer thinks are noteworthy and deserve attention.”

Writing on the GMC administrator KC LC explained the purpose of the Reviewer’s Choice forum as being “devoted to bringing member’s attention to worthwhile games. That doesn’t mean reviews can’t find fault with a game, or suggest improvements. But we won’t allow members to post reviews that bash bad games.”

A discussion is currently underway as to who will have permission to post reviews once it is officially opened.

What do you think?

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  1. The current idea is to have a small rotating team of reviewers selected from qualified GMC members who want to participate. We have some candidates we are talking to for the first round. We’ve also added an RSS feed for the review forum at Mnementh’s suggestion. We’re still debating a couple of matters, and things may change down the road, but the staff are feeling very positive about this new forum.

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