YYG Instant Play now Google Chrome compatible

on May 7, 2010 - 2984 Views

Prior to a previous glog entry suggesting otherwise, YoYo Games has just released, via a glog entry earlier today, that Instant Play is now compatible with Google Chrome. Certainly good news for many people, me included, that use the Google browser.

To install it, simply click “Play Now” on any compatible game, then click the link when prompted. Alternatively, you can simply install it by clicking here then confirming at the bottom of the browser.

Link to the Glog entry

The glog entry also includes plugins to work with the two other popular browsers Opera and Safari. These require manual installations, but there are instructions included.

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4 Responses to YYG Instant Play now Google Chrome compatible

  1. […] Of the winning titles only the third-placed game can currently be played using YoYo Game’s Instant Play feature – I presume the creators of the second and first placed entries will re-upload them to take advantage of the recent Game Maker 8 Instant Play bug fix and added Chrome compatibility. […]

  2. T-Dub says:

    this is great news

  3. I ask you, Google Chrome users, to join me in rejoice on this most wonderful day.

  4. Caniac says:


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