Game Maker 9 to be written in C#

on May 26, 2010 - 20320 Views

Since its initial guise as the Animo 2D animation tool Game Maker has been written in Delphi, however GameMaker Blog can reveal that Game Maker 9 will be written in C# which is an object-oriented programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft.

As of Game Maker version 7 both the maker and runner sides of the program consisted of approximately 40,000 lines of code.  It is likely that this has since increased with the release of version 8 which added support for alpha transparency and featured a re-written sprite and code editor.

Wikipedia had incorrectly stated that Game Maker is written in a combination of Delphi and C++.  There is no public C++ runner however the runner being developed which enables Game Maker games to run on the PSP console is written in C++.

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59 Responses to Game Maker 9 to be written in C#

  1. a says:

    omg! .net is fucked platform

  2. DD says:

    … bullshit.
    I dont think so. Because you will need Framework.
    And also: Game Maker 9 will be not exists. The GM after GM8 is GM Studio.

  3. laura says:

    FINALLY! oh wow that is just.. great news! C# is the only computer language I know haha this just made my day. :]

  4. Measuring says:

    That’s like saying Hotdogs and Pizza taste the same!
    As you’re right about the same framework, it does have a HUGE impact in performance.

    VB.NET was ment for people who wanted to make macro’s in their Excel and Access documents or for something else Windows made (you can do a lot with VB, but if you know C# there is only one real option.

    C# was made for defeating Java (as I read on the internets everywhere)

  5. Fysx says:

    VB.NET isn’t bad as you think, C# is similar, SAME FRAMEWORK

  6. ProASM says:

    Lmao if there was a GameMaker.Net it would just evolve into a crappy programming language like VB.Net hahahahah.

  7. Martin Leung says:

    Wa. I love Mark OverMars. ^^

  8. FreeRunner says:

    What the hell i reading?! Danm… i hate C#, it should be C++.

  9. Musiphonix says:, sweeeeeet. I wonder if it’ll allow third party plugins.

  10. Sslaxx says:

    Belal :So what effect will this have on any future portability to other OSs eg linux

    That really depends on the Runner vs Editor question, I guess – and how portable the Runner application is (and is going to be for v9).

  11. Sslaxx says:

    ReCreate :It still isn’t open source.

    I didn’t you could could host non-open source projects on Google Code…

  12. Belal says:

    So what effect will this have on any future portability to other OSs eg linux

  13. Jwz.. says:

    The programming language has nothing to do with the speed. Its the compiler or interpreter that makes it fast or slow. Or platform dependent.

  14. Krisando says:

    C# is rubbish, slow and darn buggy. This is a sad day for the future of GM. =[

  15. Zargy says:

    Wow, I am not seeing as much GM – C# DENIERS in these comments. Remember kids, if you be a DENIER, Uncle Zargy Cat will get you!


  16. imam_mashur says:

    I think GM 9 should be C++

  17. SonicWorms says:

    is c# faster then C++?

  18. Josh Wyant says:

    This may make my game creator project on googlecode obsolete 🙁

  19. msr says:

    Won’t this make it even slower? A manage language interpreting an interpreted language? I don’t see how this can be a good thing.

    • NakedPaulToast says:

      msr :Won’t this make it even slower? A manage language interpreting an interpreted language? I don’t see how this can be a good thing.

      Note the difference between the Maker and the Runner.

      The Maker has nothing to do with the performance of the Runner.

  20. Brae says:

    gamemaker 9 should be coded fully in c++.
    that would make it platform independant,
    and really fast!

    those would be huge assets to any game creator.

    • Rusky says:

      Sorry, but that’s ridiculous. While it’s possible to develop applications for many platforms using C++, that doesn’t say anything about the libraries you have to use. A C++ GM would be far less platform-independent than a C# one.

  21. James says:

    If Mark doesn’t rewrite Game Maker in a non-90s-framework, someone will write another game maker.

  22. Mr YoYo says:

    This info is not correct. I hear that YoYo management only sketched out a plan yesterday afternoon, so what you’re discussing hear is interesting, but speculative and inaccurate.

    C# is one of the possibilities for the MAKER , but there’s a distinct possibility that they’ll continue to use Delphi for the foreseeable future. The runner’s future is C++. Any announcements will be made at 🙂

    GMB Edit: IP address incredibly similar to post 4

  23. Bretboy129 says:

    Where did you get this information? I’m quite curious.
    -Bretboy129 ~ Bret Hudson

  24. Brad says:

    C# wouldn’t be my number one choice, but anything is better then Delphi.

  25. Oi, I’m not a bird! D:

  26. Y’mean that bird called Andrew McCluskey?

  27. I’m with xot:

    What are your sources for this info?

  28. jamdis says:

    C#? Really? How will this affect the future of GM on the Mac?

    • Sam Whited says:

      This will mean that it will be exceptionally easy to port the Game Maker editor to the mac or any other Unix based platform (the mono-project has come a long way since its inception, and almost fully supports Windows Forms among other technologies that the GM editor would likely use)

      See for more information.

      EDIT: Meant to say, keep in mind that this is the editor only. The runner will still be written in C++ (such is my understanding)

  29. Could be headed to Xbox too then, huh? Interesting stuff. I’m imagining that YYG could be planning on becoming a game publisher, harvesting the finest games created and uploaded to their website and inking publishing deals with the people who created them. With a runner for major platforms like Xbox or PSP, all they’d have to do is dump in the game content and release it. Seems easy.

    Interesting anyway, regardless of their plans.

    • YYGs business model is quite clearly publishing games on consoles/handhelds. PS3 is apparently very possible if games are accepted onto the PSN for PSP (though I must add I am no expert on consoles). Not sure about xBox but given Sandy’s connections and the switch to C#…
      Sandy writes “In 2010 we will begin an aggressive strategy to become the World’s most prolific publisher of Mobile Games, focusing on PSP, iPhone and Android based devices.”

  30. xot says:

    What are your sources for this info?

  31. Didi says:

    c# ??? So Silverlight ??? Wow, I proposed that some weeks ago on the forum. Great news if then we can put our games as silverlight games on our websites. 🙂

    • Sam Whited says:

      No, C# is a programming language, Silverlight is an application framework that has little to do with the language itself (though it could be utilized, but I doubt it. It’s much more likely to be done with Windows Forms or WPF)

  32. Sargun Vohra says:

    Where does wikipedia say it’s written in C++?

  33. James says:

    And about bloody time too.

  34. Caniac says:

    A little bird told him.

  35. gnysek says:

    Where you find it?

  36. Jack says:

    C++, well about bleedin time…..!

    Wassat actually mean to us normal folk then?

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