Recently Featured: Hero Core and Tower Bombarde

on May 31, 2010 - 3600 Views

In the second of our posts looking at games recently featured on YoYo Games we take a brief look at Daniel Remar’s Hero Core and CRYSTALL_m’s Tower Bombarde.

Hero Core by Daniel Remar

You might find the retro graphics take a little time to get used to, I still hadn’t managed to fully acclimatise to them by the time the tutorial was over, but once you’ve started playing you will be immersed in this two-colour world. You navigate yourself through rooms in the game world avoiding being shot or zapped at or overheating, kill the bad guys and unlock doors to continue your journey.

Working only with two colours Remar has managed to animate a variety of different bullet and explosion animations. Each zone has its own ‘big boss’ that must be overcome and save points handily let you respawn not far away if it all gets too much.

Tower Bombarde by CRYSTALL_m

You are effectively the bait moving between shooting towers, avoiding bullets, whilst trying to trick the towers into shooting at, and eventually destroying, each other.

You need to have quick reactions to succeed and plan ahead – the closer you stay to a tower the more likely it is to shoot at you. Whilst you have no weapons at your disposal you do have health (dubbed ‘stability’) and a shield both of which can be recharged in certain zones. It is worth noting that bashing into towers whilst activating your shield is often the most effective tactic if you are prepared to sacrifice, and can quickly recuperate, your stability level. Very fluid and well put together.

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4 Responses to Recently Featured: Hero Core and Tower Bombarde

  1. It’s funny to see GM Gazette continue to steal interesting articles like this one 🙂

  2. I think I would have gone with “acclimate” instead of “acclimatise”, but both are proper. 😀

  3. Hero Core was quite fun =)

  4. Elmernite says:

    I need to play both of those.

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