YoYo Games yoyos actually exist!

on July 14, 2010 - 5221 Views

I’m told there are 500 of them in a box in Dundee.

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12 Responses to YoYo Games yoyos actually exist!

  1. […] employee Lee Turner posted a picture of his friend(?) Sophie modelling a YoYo Games t-shirt. With YoYo Games yoyos shown earlier the two top ranked items from the glog merchandise poll now exist.  No word as to […]

  2. James says:

    So who has Sandy Duncan’s Skype account?

  3. Fenyx says:

    I reeeally need one of these

  4. James says:

    I feel this is somewhat a waste of shareholders’ money, but it is great fun, so I congratulate them.

  5. xot says:

    How can one achieve a state of Yo with a yoyo in a box?! This is a crime against nature.

  6. gnysek says:

    Yes, some of them should arrive Gdansk tomorrow – there will be a prizes in quick quiz after my presentation of Game Maker on PSP during Polish Game Developers Meeting 2010.

  7. Not sure if I ever publicly posted saying “I want one!”.
    Hearing that some are on their way to Gdansk made me post.

  8. flip says:

    i like to eat yoyos like this

  9. RC says:

    I’d like to have one of those.

    I miss playing with yo-yo’s. 🙁

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