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Game Maker for PSP to be shown at Polish Game Developers Convention

Our friends at the Polish Game Maker Community will be demonstrating a PSP running Chad Chisholm’s Skydiver Mach II in a game developers conference being held at Gdansk University on Sunday.

Piotr Gnys from GMClan told Game Maker Blog that the game runs “really smooth” and at a stable speed.  A video will be available after the demonstration has taken place.

It will be interesting to how development has progressed since the latest video of Game Maker for PSP released by YoYo Games given the speed improvements they have talked about.

What do you think?

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  1. Thanks for your reply 😛

    Ofcourse, a runner doesnt have to be slow at all. But when im comparing a compiled language with a GM application, looking at speed in ms you can see a relatively huge difference!

    And when it comes to GM, it doesnt matter if the executables are compiled or not. Because the current GM executables only work on windows.* While theyre using a runner. So if the executables are platform dependent anyway, then why wouldnt we use a compiler? And you could write multiple compilers 😀 ( LOL )

    *(Although it might be possible to use it on Unix based Operating Systems using wine i guess.)

  2. Rewriting the game maker engine is useless. All youve got to do is rewrite the runner. And even if you rewrite the runner, no-one will know if its faster.

    Just spend some many and stuff and write a real compiler.

    Or easier: Convert GML to a compilable language, take an opensource compiler for it and integrate it in GM!

    Voilla, on peut compiler GM games.

    • If you compile anything, you lock to that platform. To gain support for more than the PC, you have to have a runner. It is the best way.

      A runner can work just as well as compilation providing it is written properly. (well, it will not work as well, but it won’t be noticeable).

      “it’s extreme slow.” – I really doubt you can tell. Looks fast to me.

      For an upcoming project, we are being very tight with our runner, so it is extremely efficient. We will port it to consoles like PSP, Wii, etc. but it will also be open source (actually a legal requirement for us), so people will port it to the other consoles if they wish.

  3. I wonder why they didn’t rewrite the whole Game Maker engine including runner etc. yet… it’s extreme slow. Yes: it takes a while, but what do you get: a lot faster engine, more stable, and if you do it right: you compile it crossplatform and you have GameMaker for windows, mac, linux.

  4. I agree Fred and Phil. They may have made their runner completely optimized to run that specific game (the only one they’ve been testing properly; as completed game), and it may run like a hog on anything else.

    The PSP is well capable of doing GM games, they just need to hardware accelerate and dump all of Mark’s layers in the runner. Fewer loops, and so on.

    Also I have never liked Coldplay.

  5. I didn’t noticed “rogue polygon” in my version (you can see it in video from May).
    As Mike from YYG said, they started to work on real PS3 devkit so there should be new demo soon.

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