SkyDiver Mach II available in the Apple App Store

on October 20, 2010 - 6879 Views

Skydiver in the App Store

Game Maker creation SkyDiver Mach II is available to purchase in the Apple App Store.

The game, with YoYo Games branding on the loading screen only, is on sale at $0.99.  I haven’t personally tested the game but am told it runs fine on iOS 4 and on iOS 3.2 on iPad (problems with the game’s screen resolution have been reported on iPods running older software).

This is the first time a Game Maker game has been officially ported to a mobile device and now the iOS runner is complete we should expect to see portable versions of more of the best Game Maker creations.  Kirsty has stated that information on submitting games to “the store” will be released “very soon”.

Updated 16:40 BST. Thanks to Hany Gohary

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16 Responses to SkyDiver Mach II available in the Apple App Store

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  2. […] YoYo have made a fix for the resolution problems encountered when running the pre iOS 4 version Skydiver II on iPhone/iPod. The update will need to be approved by Apple before it goes […]

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  4. BBGaming says:

    I sold my soul and posted a review. I want that free ipod. 😛

  5. xot says:

    Well done, YoYo.

  6. While you’re here NAL, do YYG have any plans to release the sales numbers of the game once it’s had some time on the market?

  7. Manyquestions says:

    So . . . are all these games going to stay free for PC download? Apparently Sky Diver still is, at least for now.

  8. I’m surprised they didn’t change the HUD font.

    • Though there’s an artist to replace sprites/graphics as needbe, the game is still fundamentally its creator’s (Chad Chisholm’s), so deliberate design decisions such as its fonts remain.

  9. Elmernite says:

    Looking forward to the instructions on what it takes to get a game made and published.

  10. DrDark says:

    Bought :).

    I really need to get back into using GameMaker. Miss it a lot. Looking forward to seeing more of the great creations off on the appstore :).

  11. Epic stuff. If I had any capable Apple branded device I would buy this right now.

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