Upcoming Game Maker Game: Koya Rift

on January 27, 2011 - 13961 Views

Zach Kehs (SunnyKatt) has released a fast-paced trailer his “procedurally generated” Game Maker game Koya Rift.

Koya Rift is an action-packed platform shooter that is built around circular gameplay; which emphasizes heavy replayability by feeding the player a stream of short term goals that don’t end. In Koya Rift, the player must enter a hostile planet and destroy an alien race so the planet can be colonized. Each round, the player is dropped off at the surface and must venture into procedurally generated caves, earning upgrades and buying units as he goes along. The difficulty adjusts precisely to the skill of the player over time, providing them with a consistent challenge. – Zach Kehs.

The game is not planned to be published through YoYo Games and should sell for “no more than $15 in Q1 2011”.

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16 Responses to Upcoming Game Maker Game: Koya Rift

  1. […] best to stay away if flashes aren’t for you! Leave a comment | Trackback No comments […]

  2. zaim says:

    it seem like fun

  3. ChaosFusion1664 says:

    SunnyKatt :It’s going to be most likely $10 at the most β€” I cut off $5 from my estimated price when I decided not to do multiplayer.

    Will there be a demo of this?

    • SunnyKatt says:

      I have begun to lean towards the idea of a demo. So there will most likely be a playable demo of the game when it releases. The demo will not include procedural level generation or difficulty adjustment, there will just be one pre-generated level to play so you can get the feel for the game. πŸ™‚

  4. Takagi says:

    Really cool video, and it looks like a fun game, but flashy games aren’t necessarily my bag. Best of luck!

  5. Looking good! I don’t know if I’d pay $15 based on that video, depends on longevity.

  6. Tim says:

    I had five seizures while watching that video, and I loved every second of it.

  7. SunnyKatt says:

    The flashes and shakes aren’t as bad in the actual game – To record the video I scaled the game content 1:1 to fit in the 720p video. I now realize I should have left the scale alone, because now it looks too zoomed in. The flashes and shakes aren’t so bad when it’s zoomed out more, and the amount of shakiness can be adjusted by the player too. Thanks for the kind words everyone. πŸ™‚


  8. Good grief, you guys weren’t kidding about the flashes! And looks like someone loves their screen-shaking effect too; I felt like I was watching the video being filmed in the middle of an earth quake!

    It looks like an interesting game I guess, but this video is too shaky-flashy for me. Is it too much to ask for an uninterrupted clip of actual gameplay? Big commercial publishers do this all the time, and it never sells me on buying a game – and it certainly has the same effect on me when an indie dev does it.

  9. I hope Zach’s successful in selling this game. Looks flashy.

  10. Yes I think it could do with a epileptic seizure warning.

  11. Jack Hatfield says:

    A few too many bright flashes that last a little too long for me. Yet it looks to be an extremely nice and well thought out concept. Well done Zach.

  12. Qwilderwibben says:

    This looks pretty awesome. We need more Game Maker games that have a lot of effort put into them, to show what GM can do.

    I may actually buy this.

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