Upgrading Game Maker 8 to GameMaker 8.1

on April 15, 2011 - 12378 Views

If you currently have legitimate access to Game Maker 8 Pro you can use your Softwrap Purchase Reference number to generate a GameMaker 8.1 License key.

To do so click here to visit the YoYo Game Store and press the “Upgrade” button. You will be prompted to enter your purchase reference number for Game Maker 8. If you don’t know what your purchase reference number is you can request it to be emailed to you at Softwrap.

Upgrading GameMaker 8.1

Once you’ve entered the purchase reference number at the YoYo Game Store a $25.00 upgrade discount is applied which makes the purchase free.

GameMaker 8.1 Upgrade $25 discount

You are then presented with your GameMaker 8.1 License Key which should be entered into the software alongside the email address tied to your YoYoGames.com account.  The form for doing this is located under the Help menu.

GameMaker 8.1 License key at the YoYo Game Store

When your valid details have been entered the software instantly upgrades to GameMaker 8.1 Standard.

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14 Responses to Upgrading Game Maker 8 to GameMaker 8.1

  1. nuflan says:

    dear, I download gmaker 8 from softonic. but i dont have licence key. i need it. how can i get it?

  2. Agamer says:

    Hey, apparently this site has the wrong link!


    This is the purchase page.
    You’ve gotta type your email in and then continue; it won’t purchase GM 8.1 yet.
    Then type your reference number in the coupon code box and press Add Code.
    Then you can purchase it for nothing. This answer is directly from the GM FAQS.

  3. Matt says:

    When I go to the update page, it says it doesn’t exist…
    Same thing has been happening for months.

  4. Enkill_Eridos says:

    I am getting an invalid purchase reference error..I guess im sticking with 8.0 pro

  5. ween says:

    Yeah i know its stupid, stupid softwrap.

  6. Sean says:

    Does not work.
    I can not believe the amount of work it’s taking to fighting customer support for both Softwrap and Yoyo Games.
    Each saying it’s the other’s fault.

    Now I’m about to try for a refund and will not let up just for the principal of the thing.

  7. muffinman576 says:

    my account seems to be disabled or something. I cant log in

  8. Dangerous_Dave says:

    I did it, worked fine. Don’t know what you guys are doing wrong.

  9. Maverick22 says:

    Didn’t work for me either. Not sure what the restrictions are for upgrading, but I own two copies and neither one worked.

  10. Blue says:

    I did this, but it didn’t work for me.. Now I’m stuck with Lite :[

  11. i have a PC and A laptop would it be possible to use the same key on both

  12. […] addition there is a new registration system, an built-in updater, the restrictions on the free version have changed and a new higher price […]

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