Game Maker 8 Cookbook Announced

on May 7, 2011 - 4409 Views

Game Maker Cookbook by Uriel Griffin - CoverPackt Publishing have announced one of their future titles as Uriel Griffin’s Game Maker 8 Cookbook.

The book will feature a number of “recipes” providing step by step instructions and additional information on how to implement various desired game effects. The book will cover a wide range of GameMaker’s feature set including basic drag and drop movement, sprite and sound effects and data structures and particles.

Work on the book restarted in September last year after an earlier attempt to create a book with the same title had been abandoned mid-way by a different author.

The first draft of Game Maker 8 Cookbook, which will sell for £20 ($32), is now complete and the publishing date has been listed as June 2011.  The cover (shown right) contains a scene from Jesse Venbrux’s They Need to be Fed which is available on PCiOS and Android.

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4 Responses to Game Maker 8 Cookbook Announced

  1. I have been interseted in Game Maker, but I never got going with it. Mabye with this book I can. What stores and what states will it ship to?

  2. Prinsu-Kun says:

    That’s Great 🙂

  3. Prinsu-Kun says:

    it’s an ebook ? 😀 ?
    i hope their a digital version, i may buy it if so.

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