New Game Maker Media Team to Launch: indie(Function);

on June 11, 2011 - 2991 Views

Indie(Function) LogoBret Hudson is planning to launch a “new indie game development media and education team” which he has named indie(Function);. indie(Function) will initially consist of indie(Magazine), indie(Radio) and “indie(Books)”.

Bret states that the group hope to continue projects abandoned by GMIndie when it merged into GMVision last September. Since then GMVision have not released any media at all.

First to appear should be indie(Radio) which will “kickoff” at an unannounced time today and includes an interview with Andrew McCluskey.

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5 Responses to New Game Maker Media Team to Launch: indie(Function);

  1. Worth mentioning that website is dead (displays “Default web page” for homepage) as of 9PM at GMT. It’s been like that since around 6PM.
    Maybe you should hide the post till better times?

    • Strange. Was live for me when I first saw the website, when I wrote this post (obviously), when I went to the site to listen and is still online for me now. Perhaps a DNS issue.

    • It worked for me when I entered it at first time (one or two minutes after you’ve published link to this post in Twitter), then I refreshed, and it went down, displaying ‘Default Web Page’. Several other websites, placed on the same web hosting, give the same thing. Probably a DNS issue indeed. Sorry for false alarm.

  2. Oh, and it starts at noon, US Central time (30 minutes from this post).

  3. Thanks Philip for announcing this!

    Could you put the link to our radio show in there as well?
    Thank you!
    -Bretboy129 ~ Bret Hudson

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