Super Snake HD by Mark Overmars out Thursday

on June 14, 2011 - 3620 Views

YoYo Games’ next published game will be Super Snake HD which has been written by GameMaker creator Mark Overmars. In an extension of the classic snake game snakes must be navigated around obstacles in 80 levels across 4 worlds to feed on chickens. The game has a cartoony look to it, multiple options for controlling snakes as well as a two player mode.

Super Snake HD will be the first new game published by YoYo Games since the release of SkyDiver Drop Zone back in April this year.

YoYo Games’ Super Snake HD will be released on Android and iOS this Thursday.

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7 Responses to Super Snake HD by Mark Overmars out Thursday

  1. Ray says:

    Outstanding game Mark- I have it on my iPad 2 and iPhone. Excellent example of how to make an old idea fresh and fun.

  2. The game is out now on iPhone and iPad and will be out later today on Android. I hope you like it. For more information see the site

    – Mark

  3. Prinsu-Kun says:

    the lovely cute real chick in the trailer made me want to grab this game 😀

  4. Simon Berry says:

    Looks very good! on Android do you know what version this will support? as my tablet has issues playing all other released games from yoyo 🙁

  5. Will this ever be available for Windows? This looks like fun! 😀

  6. NakedPaulToast says:

    Feed your snake…
    and help it grow

  7. Jesse says:

    Not sure how many Snake clones there already are, but this looks like a polished version of the well known concept. I am excited!

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