Poll – Would You Pay A Monthly Fee To Use GameMaker?

Sandy Duncan, CEO of YoYo Games, has said that he supports a monthly subscription model for use of the GameMaker software. Presumably, a subscription model would provide cheaper initial access to functionality that is already offered at set prices, such as exporting to platforms like iOS, Android, and HTML5. We’ve included a poll to measure community support for the idea. Cast your vote below!

A Bite From The GameMaker Buffet

There was a time when playing a GameMaker game meant downloading an executable file and running it on Windows. That was it. Now users are playing games in their browsers, on their mobile phones, on Mac OS X, and even sharing content with each other via Steam. GameMaker really has become a buffet of platforms. So the question is…what to pick? It’s one in the morning and I can’t sleep. What better time to fixate Read more…