GameMaker Instant Play Decompiler

Games available via Instant Play on the YoYo Games website can now be decompiled following the release of the second version of a GameMaker decompiler authored by Clam. [Click images to view at full size]

GM Hacker Challenge

There has been so many attempts at trying to protect your created games. Just when you thought the ‘GM Obfuscator‘ was the answer, uuf6429 has come up with a fresh attempt. The Game Maker Hacker Challenge is basically a public beta testing session. A new version is made, and you hack it and he improves on it. Rules / Questions – This is illegal?! For once it is not, but only for this particular time Read more…

GameMaker runner in C++ almost complete

GMFetch, formerly a magazine now a blog, have finally heard back from Sandy at YoYo Games regarding some questions they asked about the Game Maker decompiler. Oh, and GMFetch, judging from the photo below Sandy Duncan is most definitely male 😉

YoYo to endorse Obfuscator?

As you may know I am disappointed that YoYo Games have not released a patch to enable users of Game Maker 7 to protect their games from the widely-known-about decompiler. Despite this it looks like they may will endorse the obfuscator project started by GMC member Schreib. “This project is not officially supported by neither YoYoGames or Mark Overmars – yet. As close as today YoYoJim reported to me that this sounds good, and they Read more…

GM Obfuscator

And the decompiler drama continues. This time with a GM Obfuscator, which obviously obfuscates Game Maker files. Keep in mind that this doesn’t prevent decompilation. But anybody who will decompile your game will have a hard time making sense out of it. What’s your opinion?

On Decompilers

You may have noticed that despite all the talk of decompilers elsewhere recently GameMaker Blog has remained a decompiler free zone. Well, I can’t contain myself any longer so here are a few questions explaining what the situation is. What is the decompiler? At the end of January a program was released that enables anyone who has it to decompile executable files created with GameMaker versions 5.3a, 6, 6.1 and 7. The original resources, scripts Read more…

YoYo to go Instant Play only

YoYo Games planned to do away with the download option on their website, and instead only allow games to be played via their “InstantPlay” technology. Another reason to avoid YoYo it seems. Fortunately other people agreed that this was not what they wanted, forcing Sandy to respond: “What I’m now proposing to do is add the ability for YOU to make your game Instant Play only (ie remove the download button yourselves) when you upload Read more…