Game Maker Affiliation 2007 Stats

Here are some stats for the performance of GameMakerBlog’s Game Maker Affiliation Service in 2007.

Get Paid to Post

Update 19th December – I am no longer looking for new registrations having already had around 20. For the next stage of my plan for World Wide Web domination (in the GameMaker sector anyway) I need to conduct some research. I have been experimenting over the past couple of months with different banners in my signature at the Game Maker Community. I even added an avatar, of a female, to see if this would have Read more…

Connect with other Game Maker Websites!

I am pleased to announce that the Game Maker Affiliation Service has now delivered over 500,000 banner impressions. That’s 500,000 extra high quality exposures for affiliation banners dynamically rotated across 23 Game Maker related websites. But do these banner views really increase traffic? The answer is a simple yes. 2,954 site visits have been received by members via banner clickthroughs. Launched in May this year the Game Maker Affiliation Service makes exchanging links with other Read more…

In brief

GMTech have given their website a redesign and GMKing have a new homepage My GameMaker Affilation Service has served over 375,000 button impressions so far Someone mentions the dreaded S word again, oh yes – they are going to get the needle out

GMA: New design

Yesterday I put together a new design for the Gamemaker affiliation service. I am quite obviously not the worlds best designer, but I am more concerned about whether or not you understand what the site is about and how it works. If you have any comments, criticisms etc please post them here .

Ad results

It seems that GameMakerBlog should be renaming MarkUpBlog, following the two previous posts about the magazine I will again mention it. In particular I am going to be looking at the results so far from my graphical ad for the Game Maker Affiliation Service. An ad is offered by MarkUp to people who contribute content to the magazine. On the day MarkUp 5 was released two people joined the GMA and actually got their account Read more…

Giveaway! (all $20 of it)

Today I received the go ahead I had been looking for from YoYoGames. Thanks to Clayton at YoYoGames Customer Support my wish to be able to offer a GameMaker Pro licence can now become reality. In case any of you are interested, buying a prize licence is as simple purchasing a normal licence from YoYo. Although of course I don’t know how easy this will be since I upgraded in the 5.0 days when Game Read more…

GMA new design

Following on from your comments today the Game Maker Affiliation Service has a new design. Nothing amazing but I hope you will agree it is an improvement on the total lack of design which was there previously.