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It seems that GameMakerBlog should be renaming MarkUpBlog, following the two previous posts about the magazine I will again mention it.

In particular I am going to be looking at the results so far from my graphical ad for the Game Maker Affiliation Service. An ad is offered by MarkUp to people who contribute content to the magazine.

On the day MarkUp 5 was released two people joined the GMA and actually got their account set up correctly, which seems to be hard work for some people, not sure why. So this is just a quick note to say that the targeted audience that read MarkUp do respond to adverts placed within it.

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  • Cool. I actually just signed up for GMA and got an account working. I submitted an add for GMbase. Seems to be working nicely.

  • Using ads purely as space fillers is plain stupid, as is the misconception some people have that they will make a publication look more professional, regardless of poor punctuation, grammar etc. (certainly not directed at MU)

  • Of course, all you need to receive an ad is to write at least 250 words — which you already easily do. Just send a link along with a 1/4 page image 🙂

  • That’s actually great news for me!

    We don’t have a lot of ads on MarkUp, so we definitely don’t use them as space-fillers. But what makes me happy is that the ads are not seen as a burden to the reader, but rather as an interesting offer — which is.. great 🙂

  • I agree, my site got several hits after the issue I advertised in, I can’t imagine why it’s hard to setup GMA, it’s very simple really, though perhapse the site does need some work, and it’s not always explained very well, but if you really know enough about webdesign to manage a webpage that shouldn’t be a problem for you. Great service, perhapse you could integrate it with Google Analytics somehow, that would be neat, if their is an API for it it might make your job alot easier.
    – Leif

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