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In an poor attempt to emulate GMKing’s ‘leaky pipes‘ promotion technique, as used for announcing the YoYoGames endorsement of MarkUp, you probably haven’t noticed the few subtle hints I have been trying to drop about a Game Maker related project I am planning.

Maybe you have now. Well the domain was avalible and I needed a project for the summer.

Any comments, suggestions etc. on what direction to or not to take?

What do you think?

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  1. RE: Constructive Criticism
    Obviously I can’t cater for everyone’s tastes or churn out an unlimited amount of material. But thanks for your views I will take them on board. It is true that there is little focus on games here, far less than there should be anyway.

  2. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what exactly is the purpose of this site? I’ve read your blog entries, but they seem pretty random with the only common theme being “things I didn’t really need to know”.

    The review tag seemed interesting, but I found one review of a game, and then a few articles about stuff I don’t really care about. The file hosting article could’ve been pretty good, if you’d actually mentioned any good hosts. Savefile / Host-a-net sucks. Why not link to or Hell, YoYoGames is just as good too.

    It’s not all bad, though. “How not to promote your website at the GMC” was a nice idea for an article, and “How do you judge the success of a game?” would’ve been a good entry if you had come to a conclusion that was worth anything.

  3. sorry for the double post, meant to say, you’re side bar goes off the page on the about page.

    Also, I’d be willing to create some tutorials if you want, I’ve done this before and have the software to do it. I’ll add your MSN, just get in touch if you ever have a request or need some extra help.

    – Leif

  4. I like your second point and I agree with it. Perhaps when nothing is happening on screen a wider shot can be used.

    I made (before this post) a very quick example using a number of different screen recording techniques, some of which are obviously bad if you watch the video ( ). I am aware the sound etc. is not good either because of my mic, and also me being too lazy to adjust it.

    The third point is one that I hope can happen as well, I had hoped to produce ‘shows’ as well as tutorials.

  5. Sure, I mean.. just not the whole time.

    My ideas are:
    1. In the case of tutorials, the screen should be – most of the time – the object being shown in the video
    2. still, it’d be nice to see the host in the introduction, or do something of a similar fashion
    3. videos other than tutorials should also be up on the site, to discuss trivial stuff such as new things happening at the GMC, yoyo games site, etc.

  6. Great news!

    Well.. personally, I hate it when I see videos that are only captured off screens. It’d be really interesting, though difficult and costly, to try to (in one way or another) emulate the kidna things Pixel Corps (google) do with their videos.

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