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On Monday I start a weeks work experience with a local technology company, my job title for the week – “Games Tester”. I don’t really know what to expect, however I have done work experience at another local software company previously. Not sure if I will be confined to sorting CDs, as I was for my first day at Casewise or if I will actually get to do something. Fortunately I seem to have been lucky enough to be able to secure placements in an industry which interest me (computing), many of my friends are going for anything they can get.

Whatever happens I’ll try to get something written about it. Perhaps the week will inspire me to actually write some reviews of gamemaker games for gamemakerblog, instead of just for the magazine.

On a totally unrelated issue I changed a setting in WordPress so that only 5 blog posts are displayed on each page of Game Maker Blog to reduce page size and the load time.

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