No one likes me


Why oh why do people at the GMC come up with such absurd assumptions as this,  that people are purposely ignoring them and are boycotting any topics posted in by this particular member.

Perhaps it is because of this member’s interests which include, as stated in the members profile, “going out on the street smashing windows“.  This person also seems to be upset that there are not more than 237 (yes, 237) posts in response to a topic about one of their creations.

Posts at the GMC don’t just come mysteriously from the sky they have to be earned (unless you are Grego).  True some truly useless games or pointless topics may get lots of replies and views and some good games may not get much of a response at all, but in general good games get a good number of replies.  Personally I’d be happy with 237 replies, but then to this member it is obviously not enough.

Some people….

What do you think?

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