Review: 2p Shooter (Jack Sanders)

As featured in MarkUp July 2007:

What they say: Select from 6 heads, 8 bodies, and two guns to duel it out between two players. Now with 4 weapons, the old MK9’s and M16, plus the new custom ‘Riotgun’ and a nice little sword!

Download (1.3MB)

Quick Review: In this split-screen two player game you and your friend each control a gray stick man inside a platform environment. Various weapons are spread throughout the room which can be collected and used to inflect harm on your opponent. The aim of the game is quite simply to kill your opponent before they destroy you.

Different types of weapons can be found around the room, each causing different amounts of damage and with their own unique features. For example individual weapons have different fire rates and swords can only be used close up but are quite destructive.

You can only shoot left and right, and once you’ve found a decent weapon you may as well stick with it as there are no limitations on the ammo you can use during the game.

The biggest criticisms expressed at YoYoGames are that the game should have a single player mode and something should be done to fix the jumping bug. I certainly agree with the second point – it is possible to get stuck on the side of platforms within the room. This is a pretty major bug and I’m surprised the game was released with this, especially seeing as this is the second version of the game to be released.

The support for a single player mode is something I don’t necessarily agree with. The game works well as a multiplayer game – unless a decent and extensive single player mode can be added this will easily be outshone by the multiplayer option.

There are several options that can be customised including the appearance of both players; there are also two rooms to choose from. To be honest this doesn’t make much difference at all to the game play but at least the options are there for you to choose from if you wish.

The game has suitable music and sound effects which complement the game well. I’m not sure if they are original but they do seem pretty generic. They are a nice touch and without them the game would be much duller.

Another criticism I have is the games menu. They consist of very small graphics which are hard to read and click. It should be simple to have a well designed and easy to use menu but it seems this has been overlooked in an attempt to improve the aesthetics.

What do you think?

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