An update & funny GMC posts

Sorry for the lack of activity recently I am on Work Experience this week. I have been writing an article for MarkUp, I guess I have been prioritising that over writing here at GameMaker blog.

Anyway I’ve got some time to share with you some funny topics at the GMC. Firstly from a couple of months back someone gets their words muddled, or perhaps is just a very poor speller and informs someone to go and ‘SEW’ people. Hpapillon‘s comment just made me laugh – if you haven’t seen it go to the post it will make you smile.

Elsewhere the age old joke of using your CD drive as a cup holder has been resurrected, surpisingly getting a load of comments. Knowing the maturity of the average gamemaker user I would have thought over the years numerous people would have made programs like this and posted them on the GMC so I am surprised by all the attention given to such a simple program.

What do you think?

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