[GameMaker Tutorial] What is a Room

GameMakerBlog Tutorials What is a GameMaker Room The official documentation of a Room can be found here and at a high level it is a container that can hold object instances and assets. There can be more than one room in your game, rooms can parents of other rooms, rooms can be added dynamically while the game is running and most importantly: Gameplay takes place in a room. Different parameters related to a room include: making Read more…

Cavern Kings Raises $14,751 On Kickstarter

Cavern Kings by Vine has raised $14,751 on the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter. The game itself is an infinite action platform inspired by the likes of indie titles Super Crate Box and Risk of Rain, both of which were also built using the GameMaker engine. Cavern Kings features randomized levels and creatures, and an excessive amount of explosions.

Sheltered Raises $50,000 On Kickstarter

Sheltered by Unicube has raised £30,148 (approximately $50,000) on the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Giving new meaning to the phrase “nuclear family”, Sheltered tasks you with keeping a mother and father, and their children, alive in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. Fortunately, an impenetrable underground fortress will help keep your family sheltered from the desolate post-apocalyptic wasteland above.

Game Review – Gray and Green

Gray and Green by Granite Gear is a very simple and straightforward puzzle platformer. The backstory is as meat and potatoes as you can get: the world is occupied by cute humanoids who enjoy bright colorful things, an evil wizard comes along and takes all of the color away, and of course it is your job to restore color to the world.