GMTech and Markup, side by side

Didn’t think you’d see this happen?

Check out the updated YoYoGames beta.

Mind you they aren’t exactly side by side, MarkUp are on top (sounds sick I know).

What do you think?

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  1. Well, I hope that in the near future we would be able to work together on content, or things like that – I am hoping that we can draw a line now, to any arugements on things that have happened in the past. Start on our next issues – and good luck to all at MarkUp.

  2. I actually had a plan of “working side by side” with GMTech. I’m a bit skeptical about it though, and I don’t think neither of the magazines is mature enough to a stage that would handle this. [mature as in not read, and not “not grown up” 😛 ]

  3. I wish we could work side by side, and share content, I have no idea when we stop just existing and started the little arguements – anyway the beta 2 site is up on the main site aswell – so you could just go to

  4. I think my comment ended up sounded more pointed than I intended. Just ignore it completely (and Phil, delete it when you have the chance). It should read, “Let’s be rational, sit down, and figure a way both GMtech and GMking can benefit the community without pounding on each other.”


  5. Let me just say, that me saying that we deserved the spot after many months, is in no way at all saying MarkUp didn’t deserve the spot back when they asked. Just saying that to clear up any promblems on this blog

  6. Robin, I said that many months ago, because I felt we still had alot more to do until we deserved that spot, I felt we had done more than enough to get a spot on the site – I asked and was accepted, I don’t know if I would of been accepted back during Issue 4 or 5 – but Issue 6, was the point.

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