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I am pleased to announce that the Game Maker Affiliation Service has now delivered over 500,000 banner impressions.

That’s 500,000 extra high quality exposures for affiliation banners dynamically rotated across 23 Game Maker related websites.

But do these banner views really increase traffic? The answer is a simple yes. 2,954 site visits have been received by members via banner clickthroughs.

Launched in May this year the Game Maker Affiliation Service makes exchanging links with other relevant sites as simple as possible. Simply register, upload your 88×31 banner and copy and paste our customisable code onto your website. Then, each time your webpage is viewed affiliation banners will be dynamically collected from our server and displayed on your site. Likewise, your banner will be displayed on other member’s sites across the Internet.

Unlike traditional affiliation there is no need to constantly update codes on your website and no risk of broken images or out of date links. You also get rewarded for every banner you show, so the more banners you show the more your banner is seen elsewhere. Simply upload your banner, copy and paste one code onto your site and GMA will do the rest.

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