MarkUp Magazine: Issue 9

The November issue of the MarkUp game development magazine is now available for download. The release was, rather unusually for MarkUp, delayed for a few days because of a dip in the number of contributions received following many previous successful issues.

Robin opens the magazine, rather bizarrely in my opinion, by mentioning his love of open source software. In a magazine devoted to Game Maker I found this ironic.

Personally I feel the latest issue of GMTech was stronger, although with their haphazard publishing dates I currently have no clear favourite. Perhaps I will be attacked for not contributing as much to this issue of MarkUp as I have done previously, but I hope not. And I just love Robin’s attempt at promoting the MarkUp forums…

What do you think?

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  1. hey i like you new magazine and think that it has great work if we work together we can maybe get our dimensions to 234d and then microsoft would not be able to hammer us and to hack our computers and we could be a major gm force in the industery and then there would be fun on the forum and i cna do stuff even though i am only smart in the arae of d&g and i thank you all for that but you must get your magazine out on time as i will tell you

  2. Thanks for your review about OnScore. I’ll consider adding an example game in the next version, but the problem is the unique URL of each OnScore installation… Free hosting has been considered earlier, and is likely to become available somewhere in future.

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