YoYo announce Competition

YoYo and community involvement. No, you aren‘t dreaming.

YoYoGames have announced that they are going to hold their first Game Maker competition. Not to be outdone by the gamemakerrace competition YoYo have announced that there will be $1,750 in cash prizes on offer, and have given programmers a month and a half to get their games done.

The GameMakerRace, organised by the two Game Maker magazines and judged by high profile community members and moderators, a competition run by Game Maker enthusiasts beat the commercial company that owns Game Maker and to whose benefit any competition is likely to be to organising something – disappointing…

What do you think?

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  1. I doubt he actually reads this blog, he probaly recieved a ‘Ping’ – which is when one WordPress blog (in this case mentions and links to another (in this case so he decided to see what this was about before accpeting it, thus leading to his reply.

  2. As you might know, YoYo Games also supported the GameMakerRace competition and I announced it in my glog. As the deadline for the GameMaker Race competition is now approaching, we felt it time to announce the other competition. So it is definitely not a competition between competitions.


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