YoYo Host GameMaker 7 Pro Crack

You would think that YoYoGames would be fighting against cracks. Apparently not.

I wrote a post in August highlighting my experiences of contacting YoYo regarding the presence of Game Maker 6 cracks on YouTube – they just didn’t care. Fair enough I suppose given that YoYoGames only took over Game Maker from version 7, and version 6 cracks are not exactly hard to find. However YoYo obviously did care enough to introduce Softwrap online registration for Game Maker 7.

But, ahem, YoYo are hosting a GameMaker 7 Pro Crack on their server. And they have been notified (post on GMC removed) – a whole month ago. Yet the crack remains.

Game Maker 7 Crack

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  • What if you’ve already paid for it and it doesnt work? Then? ANSWER: Then you’re fucked and the only solutions are to wait for softwrap to respond, use the lite version, or get the crack. Softwrap doesnt respond even after months, I already paid for pro and lite can’t handle image_angle, and the crack, its morally wrong, because you havent paid for i- wait no yes i have. Fuck that, I’m getting the fucking crack. Fuck the fucking fucked up fuckers.

  • JEEZE USE THE FREAKIN FREE VERSION! unless you use code a lot then,you should just buy the friggin thing!!!ITS LIKE HALF THE PRICE OF A WII GAME!!!

  • However old are you lot? Twelve? Thirteen?
    You certainly use logic and language like a bunch of pre-pubescent, under educated retards.
    Here you are bragging of your ability to crack software and yet are so poor at coding that you need to use Gamemaker to produce something real. At the same time many of you seem unable to construct simple sentences without spelling and gramatical errors that would suggest you are incapable of carrying out anything but the most menial, manual jobs. Perhaps that explains your inability to find the measly $20 to pay for a licensed copy of GM7.
    By the way, having got your illegal copies of the software have any of you managed to produce anything with it, or have you just fiddled about with it before giving up? The standard of discussion suggests that you are unlikely to have what it takes to be producers rather than a parasites.

  • i paid for GM 6 and now at GM 7, there is all sorts of problems in getting the liscenced version. I feel they have cheated me and want to do a crack. Afterall its not a crime since I have already paid. Now who is the real criminal?

  • Oh yeah i read a post before saying they dreamt of becoming a master hacker…I am one in training…

  • omg lol I saw that post, and I got pro for free :S how wierd they should take it down but whatever Im happy with my copy (kinda, im getting the proper version soon tho by buying).

  • @tuntis: well, life is unfair.
    Of you will feel easier, I discovered that there’s a crack for GM7 just 3 days after paying money for it…
    Whatever, I guess that YYG is earning more profit on their side-ads. As I remember, one click on that big IGG ad gives nearly 10$. So every 2-3 user clicks are equal to purchased copy of GM…

  • I bought GM ages ago. I’ve never used it seriously or for anything: just some messing around when I was bored.

    A while ago, I had to open a GM7 file that used registration functions. Since Softwrap sucks, I just cracked it. (I did try to use my current key, which I had converted to “GM7 format” earlier, which did not work).

    Am I an evil pirate now? 🙁

  • >retrosity

    about your question why the local librariy’s comp. deletes the file when u download it. My first response to this question is: why the hell are you trying to run GMP on a government comp. and my second response is: firewall

  • Anyone who uses cracks is a criminal. If i knew there was a crack before i boought pro, i still would have payed for it. It’s just not right. People, are you so desperate to get pro that you can’t just pay the cheap cost? I’v seen other game development programs for $900! Game Maker is only $20!

  • Dr XJ, about your crack, I downloaded it, it works ok at home, but when I run it at my local library, it removes the DR XJ file? why?

    By the way good job.
    PS. Why does DLL not found debug and crap appear in a window for a while before starting your DR XJ app?

  • To you morons who are basicly saying “eheheh.. lol whut’s teh site 4 crack?.”, what the hell is wrong with you? This site is a freaking development blog. Just becuase the words, “crack,” “hack,” or “key code” show up don’t make this a Pirate site. Now, being and ex-Pirate myself, I’m speaking on experiance. Cracks and keygens kill computers. The second last time I ran a virus check, my computer was error free. Then I went out of my way to find a keygen for Photoshop, upon finding one (which, at the very least, worked {No, little dumbfucks, I won’t tell any URLs.}), I almost instataneoulsy got a windows from both Yahoo Spyware protector and CA Anti-Virus claiming I had 54 spywares, and 48 virus infections. I was then forced to spend the next month working to fix my computer. At the very least my hacking knowledge, or rather my knowledge of computers overall, made things easier, otherwise it may have taken longer, and I may have had to spend A LOT of money on repairman. So, lesson today punks, don’t try and get a crack or anything of the sort. If you do, at least have advanced knowledge of a computer, and a good lawyer. Also, just viewing a webpage can infect you, since then can still have a virus encoded into them, and you will be downloading it. As thus, you can know if you got a virus from the page if it’s in your temporary internet files, or a download if it’s where you saved said download.

  • You guys are all noobs.. i hate how the internet now allows anybody to go about cracking software and not know what the heck they are doing. DrxJ works by injecting the main file with new data. Yes, that is what a virus will do. DUH, thats what you WANT it to do if you run it. I cracked it, liked it, and bought it. That is how this whole crack thing SHOULD work.

  • If you were the real GF then why would you link to bob799’s site why not your own? I know why, because your one of the piss head noobs that can’t make there own games so everyones else’s must suck!

  • jesusluvsu : Theft is theft. You religious fanatical kike worshipping ape. Go quote your garbage bible to retards mmkay, we’re all hardline thinkers here.

  • I think Yoyo are stupid when it comes to protection. I gave a huge warning when the decompiler broke out, and nobody cared. Infact, fred deleted my topic. Then a few weeks later Yoyo starts panicking and the whole of GMC starts fighting against the decompiler. Now its come to the cracks..

  • Dudes… This is no setup by YoYoGames, the only reason the crack is on their website is because anyone can post stuff there.

  • lol ahahahaha this is hilarious! imao! at my school we use game maker for our game development class, and i waas looking for a pro edition i could use at home. i found this page and now imao! jesusluvsu, u rule!

  • i’d pay for it but i dont have any sort of credit card. so thats why i need a crack. i really wanna make a fighting game but i suck at programmming. this could be my only hope. please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • well, i think that if yyg wants to put something they already own and modified then i think they should be able to do so if its legal,but hey, they own it.who cares?

    stop whining…

  • ok… reading this makes me sick because the more i read this the more im thinking if you people have any brains whatsoever. who would be so stupid to make people pay for the software they make and post a crack for it on their website? i mean if it was a donation then yeah the crack isn’t that bad but than why won’t they just post the full thing on there? come on now, we all know that the crack is to put you in jail and get you to pay more money than for the original game. trust me, you will get caught with that virus and you will pay and you will be put in jail for theft

  • Who ever is thinking of downloading the crack, don’t. it is a trojan horse designed to hack your ip details. but that doesn’t scare some people, so here’s the link if you wish to get your ips hacked:

  • I really should apologize for what I said before. The fact is, people at YoYoGames and other software companies spend months and even years meticulously programming and debugging software, to make a living for themselves and their families. Before I receied the Lord, i had “dreams” of becoming a “great hacker”. Sometimes that comes back, viciously, and I try to justify myself morally, but the only answer he has is “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth” (Job 38:4, slightly adapted). Again, i apologize. Please support the programmers who work so hard to bring us the software we know and enjoy by paying them the money that they made it to earn. Open source programmers may give our talents for free, but that’s our sacrifice. Give what’s do where it’s due, whether it be God, Caeser, or anyone else.

  • YYG? What is YYG? Like I said, the moral issue arises when you obstruct the origional owner’s ability to use the product. The idea of cracking software or copyright infringement at all being stealing was planted by greedy capitalists who want to UNFAIRLY make a buck off the general public with no loss to themselves.

  • What if he (or she) can’t afford the pro version and happens to want to make 3d games. Software is not physical property. The moral problem with stealing is that the person being stolen from no longer has use of the stolen item. YoYoGames can use GM7 just as well whether I “steal” it or not.

  • my hack works perfectly in gm7 as it did in gm6. i have it, and yoyogames can suck my dick. sure they have the ip of my “special” identity i use, but thats going through 2 different circumvention servers. i own both, and i never set up an account at the gmc with my real ip, so nobody knows me as drxj.

  • Maybe they hired a person to crack it, then hosted it on there site so they can track everyone who downloads the file. IT COULD BE A SETUP!!

    jk’in… But still, makes you wonder…

  • An alternative way to deal with the DRM problems I suppose… Why didn’t they host a crack from the start? Then there would be a lot less complaints about GM7.

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