YoYo Host GameMaker 7 Pro Crack

You would think that YoYoGames would be fighting against cracks. Apparently not.

I wrote a post in August highlighting my experiences of contacting YoYo regarding the presence of Game Maker 6 cracks on YouTube – they just didn’t care. Fair enough I suppose given that YoYoGames only took over Game Maker from version 7, and version 6 cracks are not exactly hard to find. However YoYo obviously did care enough to introduce Softwrap online registration for Game Maker 7.

But, ahem, YoYo are hosting a GameMaker 7 Pro Crack on their server. And they have been notified (post on GMC removed) – a whole month ago. Yet the crack remains.

Game Maker 7 Crack

What do you think?

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  1. Bet you’re regretting posting this, what with the amount of cheapskates asking for a crack. Guys – GM is all that is paying for millions of gigs of data, used to keep dumb noob games on the internet and used to host this wonderful program. Keep asking for cracks, and there will not be any GM left to crack – nor will there be GMC, or YYG, or even .nl. People need $400 just to feed themselves every week – paying $20 to support the cause is hardly a large amount.

  2. Posting here to call Phil a tightarsed dicksniper. No one’s going to sue anyone over a GameMaker crack, I bet you never leave your apartment or pirate anything in fear of the FBI breaking down your door. That’s sad. grow up.

    • You are entitled to you opinion. As I am entitled to remove links to cracks that people post here. It isn’t hard to find a crack if you want one but that does not change the fact I do not wish them to be posted on a site I am responsible for. I don’t care what you call me.

  3. How about making games with the crack to start gmpro then sell it and then if it works, you’ll got money, then create account and the pay gm for pro?(If this message has already been posted by other before, ignored it.)

  4. @Gary wilkey
    You have absolutely no right to call anybody “fucking stupid” when you’re completely unable to use any form of pronunciation.

    Before posting any more comments of that kind, please, think first. Anybody who stumbles upon your idiotic comment will think of you as some kind of inbred half-wit.

  5. @Phil Gamble are you fucking stupid make really pay pal needs a fucking credit care to be able to use it how you think you use paypal put in your bank acct numbers your ss # and everything douche bag really and who cares if its illagal to get cracked software if its on the internet it will blow up and everyone will find it you cant stop it no matter how much you cry and moan about it boohoo get over your self really at least we not getting right into peoples banks and taking money we just saving it lol. im not coming back to this site so you wanna say something back is my email email me and i might know some sites i might not email me if i want i dont care i have not used them but i know of them

  6. Hey, guy’s, you are like those chicken’s!
    Talking and talking… legal… illegal… Who care’s?
    If you can’t take, what you want – you are loser,
    else – winner! I’m winner, you – loser’s.
    All americans and europeans losers(read – chikens).

  7. It’s useless in game maker lateral because it cannot EXECUTE any thing…..
    I found a game maker 7 pro, i scanned with avast no virus. But most likely CRACKS are usually worms and virus who crack the game. The Virus Scanner in i posted my game it says virus is found and i use AVG Lite scan and found viruses…..

    Cracks and Viruses are exact. Just like when you want to get Money you have to kill your friend to receive money which do not gives any benefit.
    As well as cracking Game maker will cause destruction of your PC or maybe if you great enough to heal your Pc.

    Serial is the best except online registration is bit impossible >.>

  8. Yo, the peoples of Game maker, how are you I say to you dudes. So, please chill and don’t track my IP address. Bee-Tea-Double-You, how do you get the Pro version? Since the.. I’m too lazy to give the details.

  9. I think if yoyo didn’t limit so much of the functionality of game maker and lets say gave lite users the ability to 3d graphics and primitive multiplayer gaming functions then a lot less 10-17 y/o’s will feel the need to torrent illgel cracks onto their computer

  10. You guys should just pay for it it’s not that much! Refrain from ordering those 2 pizzas and that’s enough money right there. The only reason I’d need a crack is because the freaking registration thing is so buggy it’d just be easier to crack GM. I just want to register my product but YoYo’s service is so crappy they don’t feel like doing anything about it.

  11. funny stuff ppl but speaking as a noob whom knows nothing about cracks, haking, pirats, arrg, or any of it im goin to listen to the little angel rather than get the crack tho i cant get pro due to loss of a credit card or ne credit wut so ever, but i think others should do the same either buy it or dont instead i would apreciate if some one would tell me some good free game making programs, like earl did ty alexander earl

  12. hmmmm…what if we download it from rapidshare or anything just like that???is it the lite version???i guess not, and is it a crime?i’m not sure, because we get what people share,so i think they bought it, and share with us,so why don’t we get from some people who had buy the full version???
    reply me on this web ASAP, i think we could solve this cracking and piracy stuff together..

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