GM Fetch magazine

gmfcf2Competition? Well, I wouldn’t worry (yet?).

6 pages of content: interview, 4 extension reviews & "update" on GM and Macintosh.

What do you think?

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  1. Wow, I feel famous for being on a blog. XD
    The slogan is just confidence, I hardly expected to beat any competition with my first issue. Hopefully, its a fact for the future.
    The next issue will have 9 to 18 pages, and we already have new staff.
    Thanks for the replies, even though they aren’t all good.

  2. @gmjab:
    Yes i agree that they are both good magazines in there own way, but people want more freedom and chose in to these magazines, so enevadabley they make there own.
    I guess that is why i started GMM, i guess.
    But i think that it is a good first issue, bit short ended though.
    Good job so far.

  3. There is actually another new magazine being made by another guy. This one is meant to be about graphics I think. I know this because he contacted me about using my tutorials. I don’t know why people are bothering to make their own magazine when there are already two excellent magazines that provide all the info they would ever need.


  4. One day he is contacting me about add the GMTech feed to his website, the next he is creating his own magazine. I agree, rather than creating more magazines (where only the strongest will survive) it will be better for the users of GM to have one or two top magazines with support from more people.

  5. I smiled when I saw that 😛
    I think this is quite a good first issue, albeit very short. I’m not really sure why so many people choose to “go it alone” and create small teams (in this case 3-people) to make a magazine rather than contributing to one of the bigger already established magazines. Unless their offerings are extremely high quality or on a very specialised theme it is unlikely that they will get many readers as they are squezed out by the larger publications.

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