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Clone forums suck

A couple of days ago I came across an excellent article by GMC member and fellow British blogger and moaner Grego on the subject of clone forums.

These “Wannabe Forums” as Grego calls them really drive me insane too. Going back a few years to when I was using gamemaker the first time these forums were there, and today on the official gamemaker forums there were at least 3 posts advertising ‘clone’ gamemaker forums. Some of the members creating these forums are upfront and admit that their Invision free forums are copies of the gamemaker forum, one even describes his forum with a total of 1 member as being “..a mimic of the GMC with the same forums”. This from someone who has been a member of the GMC for just 20 days.

All three of these forums were being spammed, sorry ‘advertised’, in a forum where the rules specifically state that forums are not allowed to be posted. Read people, read. Read and think. I agree entirely with the points Grego makes on his Public Life blog, these copycat forums are not worth the free advert-ridden website they are hosted on.

Below: One of the many GMC clones, this is actually one of the better ones where a design has actually been added and a logo has been made.

What do you think?

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