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Certain articles from Tom Russell’s Russell’s Quarterly magazine are now available in podcast form.

The podcasts are short – the longest is just 18 minutes – and long articles are broken down into several shows.  Writing on the GMC Russell said of his new distribution method “hopefully this format will allow you to experience [long articles] without causing significant eye strain.”

I am not really sure if there is a demand for this because the depth of the articles demands your concentration and would steer you away from other tasks.

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  • The rating system is far from perfect – there appear to be duplicate votes both up and down – with all of them removed the score is -21. Suspiciously low.

  • Well, I certainly have a great deal of enthusiasm, but I know that my speaking voice is a little flat and perhaps a little nasal. My apologies, and my thanks for the comparision to the late Mr. Ledger’s performance. (I think.) Though I think I was able to put a bit more of myself, emotionally, into the reading of Mr. Poole’s story, Paper Games– probably because it was a work of fiction and featured characters, dialogue, and the like.

    I know that my articles do demand a certain degree of someone’s attention, whether they’re reading them or listening to them, and so it might be difficult to listen while web-browsing and the like. (But maybe not.) At the very least, it’s less eye-strain, and with the articles broken up into shorter pieces, it’s easier for someone to conquer it a little bit at a time.

    I’ll look into creating original content podcasts somewhere down the road; but at the moment, article readings are the only thing on the table.

  • I haven’t listened to this myself so I can’t say whether the quality is good enough but there is a big market for podcasts. I listen to them all the time when traveling to my work. There are plenty of situations where people are limited with access but still want to access content. You can’t read while driving but depending on the traffic, listening is quite easy. And while you can read on the train, most people won’t print out a magazine or carry around a heavy and expensive laptop.

  • Makes perfect sense Phil!

    Seriously though.. the Joker sounded awesome.

    Well I like the idea, but it seems to get dull due to the lack of ‘expressions’ I think.

  • I watched ‘Russell’s Quarterly: The Problem with RPGs, Chapter V (pt. 4) FINAL’ and whoever was hosting that sounded like the Joker from the recent film ‘The Dark Knight’.

  • I haven’t listened to any of them yet either however, I was shocked to hear that they started to do podcasts as well as there magazine.

  • Hmm, definitely not something I could listen too. The person doing the reading is expressing 0 enthusiasm 😉


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