Free upgrade to GameMaker 8 if you purchase Game Maker from this month

After much discussion by users of the software Sandy Duncan has given the first glimpse into who will have to pay for an upgraded version of Game Maker 8 when it is released later this year.

Whilst we haven’t as yet decided on our broad policy of what/if/how you upgrade from GM7 to GM8 I want to start clarifying what we HAVE decided. Anybody who has purchased GM7 after June 1st 2009 will DEFINITELY get a FREE UPGRADE.

Mark and I are meeting in the next couple of weeks to lock down on final features and a timetable for GM8, after which I expect to be able to give you more information.

Meantime anyone buying GM7 NOW will get a free upgrade to GM 8 regardless of the outstanding decisions we still have to make on availability.

Previously anyone who purchased an upgraded, full or “pro” version of the software has automatically been granted free upgrades for all future versions.  This however was at the goodwill of Mark Overmars and YoYo Games and was never promised to anybody.

What do you think?

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  1. To anyone complaining about the next version not being free to some: Shut up. Now. Seriously, ThePirateBay is there for a reason. Just don’t be an idiot and you’ll be fine. Oh wait, that’s impossible for people who use gamemaker.

  2. Broxter :@CompanionCube
    Oh please don’t say that. $20 is simply too cheap for a program that is of so much use, in my opinion (anywho, there is a free version, y’know). Sure, Adobe Flash can make more profitable games, because of the nature of them, but that’s why it costs a ton.
    I’m sorry if your exchange rate is crap.
    Go ahead. Are we really bothered?

    Don’t be so selfish. A company offers quality software for a fair price globally, and you want to push it up just because its so useful to you. Frankly I don’t think anyone should take any business advice from someone who thinks companies don’t need to make a profit.

  3. I will gladly pay to upgrade.

    I have had days and weeks of enjoyment for my original 20$. I cant even think of something else that cheap that I have used so often and for so long.

    You buy a movie for 16$ and watch it 5 or 6 times. I buy game maker for 25$ and use it 1 or 2 thousand times. Its way worth it to me.

  4. @Broxter
    Oh please don’t say that. $20 is a great competitive price, and considering most of us are around the age of 14 we don’t all have loads of money to spare. And I say loads of money because to buy a new version of GM at $50 US would mean I would have to fork out around $125. GM would become completely ignored – I’d learn a new language. Frankly GML is useless in the industry of game development so really GM is only good because of its easy interface – and that isn’t worth $125 to me.

  5. I’ll wait until GM8 comes out until I buy/upgrade it.
    I don’t think that I will pay for it again if I don’t know whats in it!
    Probably why Sandy & Mark are meeting.

  6. Good for them, I was just expecting them to get users to pay for GM8, but I like the policy of letting new users still get the free upgrade (it would be a bit of a pain to buy GM7 and then almost immediately have to get a new version).

  7. The best way to do this would to charge half of the full price if you upgrade. I can see spending $12.50 to upgrade, but I probably would not spend $25 for a product that already works fine as is.

    I know people that still use GM5 because it works, and there is no reason to upgrade if the software you have works just fine.

  8. Paying another 25 dollars to a great company for even better software is no skin off my back, thank you guys for makin gthe best game making software available at an affordable price!

  9. wiwza, this sucks for me. I do not want to pay for an upgrade, since I only have used gm7 pro thus far. If they do something like this, they should only charge the gm5 users.

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