Exclusive Videos: Game Maker Mac Development Progressing

A second version of the Game Maker 7 Mac version is due to be sent to those in the closed beta testing scheme soon.

Some screenshots of the second beta version and a couple of videos of it in action can be seen below. Sorry in advance for the poor quality of the videos.  Higher quality longer versions are available here: The editor and A game being run.

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The beta was tested on a  2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac running OS X Leopard.

Our tester said “Game Maker for the Mac beta is fairly good at doing everything Game Maker on the Windows can do. However I bumped into a few glitches such as when I tried to edit a sprite in the sprite editor some windows wouldn’t open and also the YYG loader is extremely slow.

But its a solid start.

Graphics icons could do with some improvements as well.”

Sandy has stated that the look and feel will be the last aspects of the Mac version to be completed.

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