Logo competition finalists have been chosen

Five finalists have been selected in the competition to design a new logo for Game Maker earning themselves a free copy of Game Maker 8 Pro.

In response to an increasing level of criticism directed towards YoYo Games by Game Maker users frustrated at the lack of announcements regarding the current state of the competition, Beneibe posted a comment saying that he had been informed that his logo had made the final.

“In hopes of clearing up some of the confusion about the logo contest here I’d like to let you all know that the 5 finalists have already been notified. I received an email on Oct. 27th saying I had been selected as 1 of 5 finalists. I also received another email from Sandy on the Nov. 2nd explaining how the contest had been delayed because he had swine flu. I know this isn’t much info but I figured I would let those that haven’t been notified yet know that it is likely their designs were not chosen. Sorry if that’s you, but best of luck to the other four finalists. I’ll let you know if I get any more insider information.”

Beneibe, YYG blog

Over 500 logo designs were entered into the competition and the winner will receive $250.

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  1. Haha cool, I’m famous. Just want people to cut Sandy and the YoYo team a little slack, life is very busy for them at the moment. And I see you referenced me as a “their”, I am a male so you can call me “He”. And for the record, all I can really say for sure is I know they notified me as a finalist, I assume they contacted others as well. Wish my design luck.


  2. That’s YYG for you. Always late and never letting people know why they are late. That’s why people end up worrying. <_<

    Glad to hear they finally chose the finalists for the logo competition.

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