GMIndie Magazine Issue 7

The final issue of GMIndie magazine has been released.  Download PDF (1.5MB)

To quote from the welcome message at the start of the issue “We are constantly working on multiple projects at once. It’s fun for the first few minutes. Then it gets tiring” – reminds me of something I may have mentioned last month.

There are reviews of the GameJolt contest winning Super Space Rogues by rotten_tater, Bloxbub 3 by ThatGamesGuy, Boxman and Boxbro 7 and the worms-like Team Warfare.

Also included is an interview with toadfrogs and an article asking “What is YYGF becoming?”. A mess. That’s what.

They still need a proofreader.  Hopefully by the time the first issue of Game Developers Digest comes out they will have found one.

What do you think?

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