Social Games and Unity 100K

Just two links to share this week:

  • Casual gaming company PopCap have released the results (pdf) of their 2010 social gaming survey. If you like bar charts and tables, Farmville or are interested in this area of game creation it may be worth a look. Also may be interested in an article from the past: Micropayments on YoYo Games?
  • Unity recently passed 100,000 registered users of its cross-platform game development tool. Helped no doubt by the decision towards the end of last year to stop charging for the lowest-level license version.

What do you think?

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  1. Unity looks sweet. After watching some tutorials it looks almost too good to be true. I’m actually afraid to start using it because that would probably be the end of my participation at GMC. I say that like it’s a bad thing.

    Thanks for PopCap post. Those guys are an inspiration.

  2. Must say I’ve fallen in love with Unity. It’s free, it’s powerful, it strikes the right balance between D&D and code… it just makes everything so easy.

    However, whilst that is a huge User figure, the community hasn’t flourished like I expected it too. A cursory glance at the forums would suggest that the only new users taking an interest in the community are the “I don’t wanna read the manual” types… I could be wrong, but that’s my first impression.

    The Unity Answers site it a great idea though… could be worth the GMC taking a look? It would probably alleviate some of the grievances the novice and intermediate section has.

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