Another dire commercial Game Maker eBook? Most probably.

If you have ever found yourself asking the question “What are 9 useful ways to use alarms in Game Maker?” then for the sum of $6.99, or $4.99 in return for filling out a brief survey about Game Maker, you can have an answer within 24-48 hours in the form of a PDF.

A member’s first post at the GMC was promoting this “digital book” and they didn’t really seem to quite get the hang of NPT‘s and KC LC‘s comments questioning the need for the book and the quality of its content.

Hosted on the same server as over three-and-a-half-thousand other domains and registered to an anonymous individual (or organisation) the resources on offer on the eBook website don’t exactly do much to justify a price tag.

I could be wrong.  It could be brilliant.  But I sincerely doubt it. As This Is Indie said, sometimes it is best to judge a book by its cover!

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  • Darn. I’ve always asked myself what are 10 useful ways to use alarms. Now I don’t really know what to do! And I thought this book was the answer! :'(

  • Seriously, how much can you say about alarms in Game Maker?

    The author should have given a few free sample pages. Then people might buy it. They don’t even say how long it is.

  • Although I’m tempted to buy it, I don’t think I will until I hear what others say.
    Mainly because I have no idea who the author is. He just joined. Perhaps if he tried selling this after gaining a good reputaition on the GMC.

  • I’m gonna guess at the contents of this book:

    1. Delay between bullets
    2. Weapon reload time
    3. Animations
    4. Cut scenes
    5. NPC movement
    6. Level timer
    7. Regenerating health
    8. Can’t think of any more…
    9. Can’t think of any more…

  • Got a DAB radio last year and was really impressed with the fact that I can set different alarm times for each day of the week. I expect they have been around for ages but I still thought it was rather cool. I can also choose to wake up to one of several ‘natural’ sounds instead of the radio if I prefer.

    I believe some people also use them for cooking and to warn of fire/smoke and deter burglars etc.

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