Game Maker Community Game release first demo

The Game Maker Community Game project has released the first playable demo of their RPG titled ‘Eve’.

Download 5.5 MB zipped .exe (left click only)

Controls:  Arrow keys for movement, X or [Space] to talk, mouse to pickup objects and select chat options.

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  • Max says (10:16 PM):
    *Who’s making this? The 12 year old “LOL I CAN HAS MAEK VIDEO GAMES” section of the GMC?

    Pretty much sums it up.

  • Yeah, one of the main issues with the demo is that we never really solidified the GUI designs or the control system before making it. In the future, we’ll probably make the whole mouse/keyboard thing more consistent.

  • Maybe I’m just a pessimist, but I’m surprised they actually settled on one particular style of game, let alone building a working demo. There seemed to be so much squabbling initially about what the project would actually be, I never expected much to come from it.

    Still, this is probably good timing for them… the staff has been considering closing down that section of the forum recently.

  • This is kind of ridiculous.. I could have made an engine like that in about 1 day. I’m not impressed. Anyone else?

  • Pretty sad if you ask me, but it is very difficult to do a community game like this, and it is pretty good!

  • Well, collaboration is not something that just happens, I recently worked with 2 other devs as a challenge to build a game in a set amount of time, and we managed half of the game we were attempting to build in the time, and the only reason we managed it to that point was that we were all sitting together in the same room.

    As for building the ending in 1 day, sure you can build the engine, but what about testing? content? those little features that take time to implement nicely that you feel will give your game that little bit extra? Whether you can do something faster or not isnt relevant in this case IMO.

    One comment I do have is that X and spacebar are slightly arbitrary seeing as you use the mouse for pickup up items and selecting dialog options. Im more for the whole consistent input throughout a whole game.

  • Of course you could make a game like that quickly on your own. It’s an experiment in making a community game- the challenge is getting everyone to work together, not making the game itself.

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