Tailware Video Podcast – Not that bad!

Nathan Hurde is joined by Dan Moulton, Tim Van Norde and Roland in D3D Laughs and Tears the first TailWare-GMHV video podcast.  [part 1 | part 2]

A global group of Game Maker users, featuring krejic‘s rather magnificent Dutch accent gather to list the reasons why they like Game Maker and talk a bit about “Game Maker d3D” providing few insights or opinions.

Despite the collection of accents I was able to understand everything that was said until the volume dropped after the unnecessary and downright bizarre choice of advert:  “I use Java and that has a user friendly interface”.  It must be Gmindie.  It is.

Although most of the content is purely audio, and the intention was for this to originally be in the form of a podcast, the presence of game play video clips is a nice addition though they are rather choppy.

I will admit I had been expecting this to be diabolical – it wasn’t.  The end of the video is strange, the sound quality could definitely be improved but is far from the worst we have had in a Game Maker podcast or video show.  A bit more time spent thinking about the content and I think this could be around for a few more episodes.

What do you think?

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  1. Actually I think that people can make very high quality 3D games, you just need to keep your code highly efficient & do your code properly – it isn’t going to take a few hours or days like other 2D games in GM take.

    Like someone said in this, you just have to me motivated to do it – it does take a very long time, but the results are easily worth it.

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