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Game Maker 8 Decompiler in a Month

It’s been almost 10 months since the release of Game Maker 8.0 and games have been relatively safe due to the fact that no public decompiler was available for games made with Game Maker 8. That is until now, or at least very soon. Developers have been working to create a decompiler that will take an executable generated by Game Maker 8 and reverse it back to its original gmk, much like the previous decompilers for Game maker 6 and 7.

To prove that this is not a rumor and is fully functional, here are some screenshots:

Goomba Online decompiled to show sourceA game decompiled to expose its source

The program itself

The decompiler also has some other features included, such as “debug mode” which will enable debug mode on any executable, allowing you to essentially debug the game using Game Maker’s native debugging system. It also features something that allows users to take an executable made with the Lite version of Game Maker, and convert it into a “Pro” version which modifies the executable as if it was generated with Game Maker Pro in the first place. This removes any splash screens, function limitations and other things associated with the Lite version.

As mentioned earlier, the decompiler isn’t yet available publicly. This quote from the developer should explain sufficiently as to when it will be available.

I’m still about a month away from release, possibly less.

Update: The Game Maker 8 Decompiler has now been released.

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