More from Mike Dailly on Game Maker’s future

Mike Dailly has posted a follow up to his earlier post on the Game Maker runner on his personal blog.

Once again I fully recommend you read the full post but to summarise starts by asking for patience from Game Maker users. He states that the reason runners are being developed for multiple different platforms is because this will boost income as games can be sold in more marketplaces with YoYo Games then able to invest this money into improving the Game Maker product.

Mike then goes on to explain some of the issues with the Game Maker Language interpreter, Virtual Machine and runner in general. Fixes for screen tearing, full screen blur and built-in .OGG are coming as well as DirectX9 rendering

On the YoYo Games blog earlier today Mike stated that he was writing on his personal blog instead of due to the post length – though given the insight these last two posts have given into to development plans I question this decision.

What do you think?

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