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Game Maker BlogI am pleased to be able to announce some changes to the organisational structure of Game Maker Blog.

In October I wrote quite a comprehensive post about running this website on my personal blog in which I tried to imagine a viable future for Game Maker Blog without it being so reliant on one person.

Following my post a number of people stepped forward to offer contributions, in various forms, to the site.  Given some time to consider these I have, together with current and prospective volunteers, mapped out a plan to take the site forward.

Firstly there is to be a much-needed reorganisation of the membership hierarchy. Over time contributors come and go but many of those who are long gone remained in positions of power.  User permissions have now been bought up to date.

As an employee of YoYo Games Andrew McCluskey will not be able write on topics relating to the company. He has stepped down from his role as reviews editor but remains a contributing author.  Taking his place as Reviews Editor is Jack Brockley – responsible for ensuring that good reviews of Game Maker games appear reguarly on the site, be they playable on PC or any mobile devices.

We are also welcoming some new members aboard.   Matthew Bowden joins us as an editor and will be focusing on future site development and in an effort to encourage user-submitted contributions from a wider group of people we have decided to re-open registration at Game Maker Blog.

All registered members will now have access a new feature – the ability to create a new blog post which they can submit to be published on the main site.  We feel that this will encourage people to become casual contributors to the site without feeling the need to dedicate large amounts of time to the project in much the same way that many readers enjoy commenting on our articles. If you are already registered with Game Maker Blog to comment your account should have been upgraded.

Submitted content will be reviewed by our editorial team with only high quality articles making publication.  More details on writing for Game Maker Blog.

To reflect the hopeful reduction in workload that will fall on me I will be separating the finances of the site from my own so that any funds generated remain available to improve the site. The site covers its costs but does not make a significant profit. In the future perhaps revenues can be shared amongst contributors, but this is a decision for another day.

May I also take this opportunity to thank everyone who has written blog posts, reads articles, contributes to discussion and sends news tips our way – the site would not be possible without your support.

What do you think?

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  1. That’s great news. I can see lots of interesting posts coming up with this, and I thank all the GMB team and future contributers for giving me a great source for checking GM-related news (and sometimes videogame industry-related content), with no cost whatsoever.

    And congrats to Jack and Matthew for their GMB positions. 🙂

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