Game Maker 8.1 Pricing

The price of upgrading to Game Maker Pro is to increase by 60% on June 1st.

The current Game Maker Pro 8 will be renamed to Game Maker Standard as of version 8.1 and from June will sell for $39.99.

Anyone who has a purchase reference number for Game Maker 8 (including those who received a free upgrade from Game Maker 7) is eligible to receive Game Maker Standard 8.1 at no additional cost.

The change in the naming structure is the biggest indication yet that a more expensive version of the software with additional capabilities will be made available.

The ability to export produced games in HTML5 format is one of the ‘addons’ or extra features that could appear in any more expensive version. Speaking to Sandy earlier this month he stated that the HTML5 product, if released, would be more expensive than the existing Game Maker but “won’t be thousands, it won’t even be hundreds”. He also said that he felt “a higher price in someways helps people value the product”.

This is the first change in the Game Maker pricing structure since the increase by $5 to $25 in February 2009.

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